The Urgency of 1.5 C Discussion among Thai NGOs

Climate Watch Thailand at the seminar of the Assembly of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation NGOs, organised from February 6-7, 2017.


The Assembly of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation NGOs –with more than thousands member organisations and networks nationwide – organised an annual 2-day seminar titled “Moving Thailand Towards Sustainable Development: A Common Responsibility to All”, from February 6-7, 2017 at the Areeya Room, Asia Airport Hotel, Pathum Thani, Thailand, to discuss and critic current policies and efforts of implementation in response to sustainable development; at the same time, to come up with a strong statement of how the current efforts can be further progressed to ensure a truly sustainable development where noone is left behind.  The seminar was attended by approximately 300 participants.  Three main topics were extensively discussed –five hours each in a parallel session –Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); Climate Change; and Environmental Legislation and Enforcement.  Different cases from the ground were presented.

Climate Watch Thailand was engaged in the climate change topic of which the urgency of 1.5oC was highlighted and the big shift to 100% renewables (100%RE) especially in the power sector was demanded.  Cases from the ground –from growing climate impact evidences to the bigger role of indigenous women; from the current climate risks to a demand for risk reduction, long term adaptation and compensation to loss and damage; from no coal to 100%RE; from fossil based to community self-energy dependency; and from the current Thai (I)NDCs pledge to a demand for a review to make it more ambitious and to ensure true emission reduction– were in support of keeping temperature rise to 1.5o and below, for all the stay alive.  These are the matter of urgency and we need to act now.


Climate Change Discussion: Sakhon Songma (right) presenting on the urgency of 1.5 ๐C with Boonyuen Wonsa-Nguan (left) and Nutthawut Uppa (second from the right) as facilitators


Participants to the Climate Change Discussion

At the end of the seminar, the Assembly’s statement was presented and endorsed.  Among others in the statement, it critiques the current policies and implementation plans neither promise sustainable development nor contribute to the temperature limit of 1.5oC.  Under the name of economic development, large scaled investments and more coal fired power plants in the pipeline are leading to more temperature increase, while at the same time, violating communities’ rights, destroying natural resources and polluting the environment where communities especially those at climate risks relying upon for their adaptive capacity.  Specific critic also goes to the (I)NDCs of Thailand, that the pledge means an inaction of Thailand to contribute to emissions reduction while it claims to reduce 20-25% reduction by 2030.

Among other calls, the Statement demands people’s participation and engagement of all sectors in society to move together in achieving sustainable development while building a climate resilient society.  Among other calls, it reiterates no new coal fired power plants to be built, a big shift to 100%RE, development and environmental justice, and strong efforts together with international community to limit temperature increase of 1.5oC.


Boonyuen Wongsa-Nguan (right) presenting the summary of climate change discussion to the Plenary


Participants to the Plenary

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